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Techsaga integrated hotel management software package provides all the tools you need for efficient IT support of your operations. Instead of running many applications with limited information sharing between them, Techsaga software solution gives you all the critical systems in one, integrated package and provides seamless sharing of business-critical information.


Functions for managing reservations, internet bookings, housekeeping, agent relations, guest information, bars and restaurants and even web TV solution come naturally integrated with conventional ERP system, CRM and business information management functions. The all-in-one hotel management software's approach ensures that you as a customer benefit from the best of both worlds, giving you the flexibility and speed in receiving and making use of the information few of your competitors have.

Front Desk

A single interactive work window allows you to:

  • • Find check-ins and check-outs for the day
  • • Check room availability and create new reservations
  • • view a graphical display of room availability and reservations
  • • Use drag and drop to allocate rooms.
  • A range of reports are available including a Newspaper report (how many papers to order and where to deliver them) and a guest service facility which allows wake up calls to be ordered, instructions to be sent to housekeeping and special requests for Front Desk staff.

Pricing and Billing

AManage private guests and corporate accounts. You can choose to bill immediately or on account. The system supports multiple folios for each reservation allowing bills to be split. It is possible to set up unlimited tariffs, which can vary by:

  • • Guest type
  • • Corporate account
  • • Agency
  • • Season.
  • • Day of the week..
  • Subject to appropriate security controls, specific staff can given authorisation to override any pricing, with full traceability.

Conferencing and Group Bookings

Reservation quotation allows you to check availability for group bookings and to create multiple room reservations with a single click. Groups can be families occupying one or more rooms, or large parties. Bills can create for individual guests, agents or other companies.

  • The hotel reservation software system can also be used to book other hotel facilities, from conference rooms and sports facilities to equipment such as projectors and computers. Invoicing can be made separately for such reservations, or charged to a specific room.
  • Room Cleaning and House Maintenance

    Techsaga workflow capabilities to keep track of whether a room needs cleaning or is ready for check-in. Rooms can be brought in and out of service, and routine or maintenance tasks can be allocated to house staff, either on general to-do lists or with specific dates in their calendar.

    Accounts and Management Information

    Using a fully integrated hotel reservation software package allows real time management reporting. As soon as a customer pays their bill the accounting system is updated. Detailed data analysis is possible. For example, you could look at your profitability by customer, booking source, customer type, board basis etc. Fast links allow you to view and further analyse reports in Excel.

    Relationship Management

    Software for hotel management can be configured by each user to retain various elements of profiling data on guests and corporate customers. Marketing campaigns can quickly constructed against these profiles.

    Client Server Technology

    Client server technology allows you to connect multiple locations to the central database. This would allow you to have a central reservations team or to have an off-site accounts departments. Employees can even work from home or while out on the road. The software solutions for hotels is cross platform and supports any mix of Mac, Window and Linux operating systems on the same network and also works on handheld devices.

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