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Retail & E-commerce

Technology and software have found a place in all aspects of the retail industry. From automating the manufacturing processes to managing inventory and right till the shipping and analytics, software have found a place in all aspects of the business. The Retail and E-commerce industry often needs custom software solutions for the business requirement.

Custom Software Systems for Retail Industry

We have developed several custom applications and Retail and e-commerce software for facilitating online shopping, order management, customer management and much more. We develop custom and industry specific software like ERP, CRM, inventory management, POS, Online sales etc. for streamlining the business. We have teams of dedicated developers who can work on technology specific projects.

ERP specially is designs to create deliver and optimize customer experiences. It is capable to handle most complex inventory mix. It offers flexible organization structures with multiple operating units, retail outlets, warehousing and supply points. Assisting top management with user-defined profiles, it helps them dynamically control business operations (Dynamic pricing, Rewards and Customer Loyalty Programs, Promotional and Marketing programs) remotely with access to unified databases. Facilitating various retail operations like tracking and directing sales work force, accepting and tracking sales order, customizing documents and reports, financial accounting and billing, it streamlines various retailing processes at clients ease.

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